Stroud Positive Living Group – July 2016

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Monday 11th July 2016
GUEST SPEAKER – Susie Shiner
TITLE – Animal Communicator

Susie Shiner has been practising the Art of Seership for more than 25 years and is one of the UK’s most highly regarded animal communicators, medium and shamanic teacher and has served her local churches as a platform medium. She offers training in the Art of Seership as well as Animal Communication training, believing that all of us have access to the universal language by which all beings communicate. Learning this language gives us a deep sense of belonging and helps us to understand who we truly are in relation to this vast community of other beings.

“I am committed to being a voice for the animal kingdom, spreading awareness of animals as intelligent, sentient beings able to communicate their own wishes and point of view. My vision is to help heal the relationship between humans, animals and the natural world by raising awareness of the universal language by which all animals communicate with one another.”

Susie also combines her 25 years experience as seer and shamanic practitioner with her passion for horse wisdom, teaming up with her horses to provide deeply transformational workshops and individual sessions in Equine Guided Learning.

Come and see Susie on Monday July 11th at The Old Town Hall, The Shambles, Stroud.

Click here for a link to Susie’s website

The event is held at the Old Town Hall, The Shambles, Stroud GL5 1AP
Doors open at 7:15 pm and the event runs from 7:30 – 9:30 pm
Entry is £5 and includes a refreshment

There are 60 places available at this event and are sold on a first come first serve basis.
You can reserve a seat at no charge by emailing: (we can only hold your seat till 7:30 on the night, so please come earlier).

Watch this web page for further updates or if you would like to make contact or be added to the Stroud PLG mailing list then you can email Karen Stokes: or call 0793 938 5223

If you would like to see what’s coming next then please go to Future Events.

From the Stroud Positive Living Team, we look forward to meeting you soon.

Thank you for your support

Viki, Skeena, Lisa and Karen, the SPLG Team


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