Mari Winkelman

Embodiment for health, creativity and confidence in yourself!

In our culture of disembodiment we are encouraged to objectify our bodies and stress them with too much action and stimulation. When our bodies object through illness, we medicate them and carry on doing the same old thing. Somatic embodiment and movement practices are revolutionary because they encourage you to slow down your thoughts by tuning in to your feeling body in order to live a lifestyle that is truer to your nature.

Mari-Aug-2015During the evening, I will share some of the underpinning principles and benefits of my work with you. I will guide you to experience somatic awareness with the focus on feeling safe, embodied and resourced. We will reflect on what we find together and there will be time for you to contextualise your unique conditions in a group. I will prioritise your questions and interests as we engage more fully in the feeling of who we are in our bodies.

This is so much more than ‘navel gazing’, it is deep navel diving, tuning in to the feeling wisdom that is a constantly changing barometer of wellbeing!

Mari Winkelman is a Somatic Movement Therapist and works with individuals and groups facilitating people’s engagement with their somatic awareness. She has been  working in private practice since 2009. In 2014, she co-founded Health Moves, a not-for-profit organisation which delivers movement sessions for wellbeing.

‘In coming into our body we become connected to our greater home, the earth;’ – Linda Hartley 1995

Mari Winkelman
ISMETA Registered Somatic Movement Therapist

Come and meet Mari on Monday June 13th at The Old Town Hall, The Shambles, Stroud.
Doors open at 7:15 pm for 7:30 pm start.