Previous Speakers

Theresa Sansome – March 2015
‘Future Self Now. Don’t wait – unleash your full potential now’

Hazel Newton – February 2015
‘Healing through Hypnosis and Regression Therapy

Judy Barber – January 2015
“Making A Positive Start to 2015” focusing on raw food

Lisa Nappier-Cossey – November 2014
“Why do we get ill; how do we actually define good health anyway; and can holistic medicine change the world?”

Becky Walsh – October 2014
‘What are you doing? Where are you going? Intuition for clarity’

Jacqueline Smith – September 2014
‘Shamanic Journey’

Nick Clements – July 2014
‘Understanding Men: A talk about male spirituality for women (and men)’ – Nick Clements

Jon Witterick – June 2014
‘Sacred Economics – An open source blueprint’ – Jon Witterick

Skeena Rathor – May 2014
‘Mindful About Meditation’ – Skeena Rathor

Polly Higgins – Jan 2014
‘Ecocide the 5th Crime Against Peace’


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