Hazel Newton

“Healing through Hypnosis and Regression Therapy” – Hazel Newton

Hypnosis is a natural human state that we enter into when we focus our attention. Hypnotherapy uses this focused attention to access the subconscious mind (where our beliefs and behavioural patterns are stored) to safely bring about the changes required. In the same way, Regression can access the source of unwanted emotions and behaviours and reframe their negativity to produce peace of mind and inner happiness, similar to updating an outdated program running on your computer!
Hazel Newton

Hazel Newton is passionate and committed to helping people to learn about ‘who’ and importantly ‘what’ they are, the journey of their soul and the very meaning and purpose of their life. She has been teaching and supervising Hypnotherapy, Regression Therapy and Life between Life Certification for the last 7 years. She also teaches the Certificate Course in Advanced Hypnosis techniques.  To find out more about Hazel’s practice and courses go to her websites www.thecentreforlife.com and www.radiantsouls.co.uk


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