Jon Witterick

Title:- Sacred Economics- An open source blueprint

Looking at current alternatives and practical solutions to debt based currencies and how we can ultimately transition towards a gifting economy.
He offers a unique insight into how the monetary system really works, and then how to deal with debt both lawfully and truthfully.

As the age of separation ends, the age of unity begins.
John Witterick

Jon Witterick is an open, honest and highly informative speaker on the true nature of the fraudulent banking system we currently operate under. He is the founder of the non-profit Get Out Of Debt Free website which gives information about the realities of the Global Financial System and offer solutions to those who are experiencing financial hardship as a result of it. The site now has a lively community of tens of thousands of people from across 7 countries.

Living in Dorset, Jon has been working at spreading the truth for over ten years. A qualified lecturer and complementary therapist, but now spending most of his time working on the website, doing talks, interviews, videos and festivals around the country. He talks about the global financial fraud which masquerades as our economy, why he believes it to be fraudulent, a little history on how it got like that and most importantly, how to remedy the situation by empowering people to stand up to the banking system, lawfully, honestly and truthfully.


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