Lisa Napier-Cossey

Why do we get ill; how do we actually define good health anyway; and can holistic medicine change the world?”

The question of ‘why we get ill?’ has fascinated Lisa all her life; and now after almost 20 years in the field of holistic medicine and spiritual development she feels she is finally getting to grips with the basics of some of the issues in question.  In this dynamic and thought provoking talk she will explore the many facets of the question of ill health ranging from our lifestyle and environment, through to soul purpose and beyond.

Lisa Napier-Cossey

Lisa is homeopath, healer, channel and teacher.  A highly sensitive person Lisa experienced an extended period of self-development and training, and now, as she continues her journey, she offers a helping hand to others on the path.  Her dynamic and entertaining teaching style, and a combination of down-to-earth practical wisdom with cosmic consciousness, promises an entertaining and enlightening evening.  Lisa welcomes interaction from the audience, so please bring along your questions and thoughts.

Lisa will be joining us on Monday 3rd November 2014 at The Old Town Hall, The Shambles, Stroud GL5 1AP


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