Miguel Dean

‘The Hero’s Journey- Humanity’s Journey’ – Monday 11th January 2016

Miguel Dean’s work with young people, over the last two decades, was inspired by his own hero’s journey from the darkness to the light.  The challenges that he has faced and integrated have meant he is ideally placed to motivate, inspire, encourage and empower others.  More recently Miguel has experienced a calling and commitment to social change with the realization that unless there are some major shifts within humanity and consciousness the future well-being of our young people, and indeed all of us, is uncertain.


Miguel DeanThe Hero’s Journey

In his presentation Miguel will share his own journey from the darkness towards the Light and his search for the authentic masculine within; and how this led to the realization that there can be no authentic masculine without the presence of the authentic feminine. Perhaps most significantly he will share a profound insight that the inner journey that we are travelling to integrate and honour our own inner masculine and feminine is also the journey that is unfolding in the world.  As humanity evolves and consciousness shifts we ease the transition from the Old Ways to a New Way that is in alignment with who we truly are.’

Visit www.migueldean.net for more information about Miguel and his journey