Ruth Davey

Title: Look again: use photography for health and well-being

This interactive talk uses photography to help us slow down, relax and see things and our lives differently. If focuses on looking and seeing. Using stillness and mindfulness, we will connect with and explore objects and ourselves. We will learn to notice the extraordinary in the ordinary. This approach to photography helps improve general health and wellbeing, improves confidence and self-esteem and can be used as part of a meditative practice.

The interactive talk will be kept simple, creative and fun.

You may want to take a few photographs so please bring a camera or mobile phone. Please note though that this is not a talk about digital photography!

Ruth Davey

Ruth Davey runs Look Again, a Stroud-based business that uses photography to make a difference. Photography is used as a tool to help others see their life and world differently – to tell their stories, as individuals, communities or businesses. She offers commissions, workshops, and talks.
She loves working with people who share her vision for a fairer, greener and healthier world. Recent clients the NHS, The National Trust, The Green Party, Seed Festival, Renewal Arts, Resurgence Magazine, Stroud International Textiles, HAB Housing. She has recently published the book ‘The Art of Applewood: From Hospital to Homes’ which tells the story of the once much loved Cashes Green hospital in Stroud, now the vibrant new community of Applewood.
07789 958895


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